Dress-up Rebel Without a Cause by Gregory Purvis

The Uber-sexual: today’s Generation Next is in truth Generation X…or, to be more precise, Generation XXX.

By the time your average teenaged male reaches “adulthood” (supposedly 18 if Uncle Sam needs the deed on your ass…just don’t expect to be able to browse your local adult bookstore or buy a beer to lower your inhibitions…as if you had any left to lower, right?)  he’s seen over a gazillion sex acts.

The Internet has made porn just as much a part of the American (wet) dream as momma, apple pie and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

And Columbine, ‘torture videos’, and youTube braggin’ rights for killing puppies and girl-gang gang-bangs. So maybe sex really IS more dangerous than violence? Well, there is the whole AIDS thing still lurking about.

But as long as we’re humpin’ apple pies

Once again, America celebrates its Puritanical witch-burnin’ Good Ole Boy past: violence? okay by me. Sex? Ummmm….no. Sorry. That’s just going a bit too far.

You can play with all the guns and grenades you want…but what you CAN’T play with is yourself.

Masturbation is a no-no.


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Well yes I guess that masturbating is nasty but sometimes the curiousity just kills you I mean I’ve never done it but im a virgin 2 so that’s all im sayin I guess…

Comment by gloogal

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