Love, Sex, Hate and God by khemistry

I saw a great documentary last night–great because it managed to combine the three major faces of the Internet into one media document, called Fall From Grace.

The Internet is very good for at least three things: pornography, crackpots and the media. But telling the three apart can be a full-time job. Just take long-time nut job Fred Phelps and his incestuous-seeming Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. In Fall From Grace, we see the true side of this supposed preacher.

Due to his religious beliefs, his “family” takes their brand of “family values” on the road, protesting at the funerals of children who died of AIDS, soldiers killed in the line-of-duty in Iraq, and pretty much anywhere and everywhere he might get a few lines of press from people like…well, me I guess. The sad thing is, Phelps has about as much family values as the Manson Family. In fact, I think the Manson’s might even be better suited to raising children than Phelps and Company. Throughout the documentary, his children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren are shown hoisting signs reading GOD HATES FAGS, though it is painfully obvious these brainwashed children don’t have a clue about the politics or even the basic meanings of the things they are being told to say. Phelps seems to be using them as pint-sized weapons in his war of words.

Still, I suppose he is having the desired effect. He managed to piss me off in under ten minutes, and I spent the remainder of the docu’s running time screaming at the TV.

So what did I do to “come down” from all this bitterness and hatred? Watched some porn online.

Fuck you, Phelps.


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