GET YOUR FIX: Sex..Drugs..Rock n’ Roll (Lather, Rinse, Repeat) by Gregory Purvis

Get your own FIX fix for yourself. Check out the preview. 

FINALLY…a movie that looks to have as much sex and drugs as rock n’ roll! Debauchery never looked so promising!This summer, FIX is to be released…a documentary chronicling the rise (and fall) of one of the coolest bands in the world (Ministry). Just watching the two-minute preview was enough to get my blood pumping, giving me the impetus to relive some of my own misspent youth. You see, while many rock n’roll behind the music-style documentaries (like, for example, the silly Metallica-meets-an episode of “Intervention”-docudrama “Some Kind of Monster”–which made Metallica look like a bunch of prissy whiners with too much disposable income) try to make the rock star in question look as lean, mean, strung-out and hungry as they once might very well  have been, mostly they just come off as sad. bloated rockers that have long-since sold out…trying to muster some of an outdated, out-moded outrage that simply looks put-on and canned, nine times in ten. And if its a band you really admired…well, its more than a little sad as well. Sort of like seeing a Bloated 1970’s Elvis high on Vicodin and cinched into his Las Vegas disco suit, still trying to wag his ass for the ladies.

FIX doesn’t look to be this kind of documentary. Frontman Al Jourgenson seems to have come out the far side of his Dark Side of the Spoon hell of addiction with his life…and his balls…still intact. But the movie promises to pull no punches, either. For a while back in the good ole daze of 1992, Ministry looked ready, willing and able to blow the stagnant lid off the sour kettle of fish that heavy metal had become. Mixing in their own superheated blend of machine-pace rhythms, grating synthesizers, distorted guitars and bass, tape loops, B-movie samples and miscellaneous electronica, Ministry reworked all that was heavy, taking attention away from the g-g-grunge that was percolating down out of the Pacific Northwest at the time. So what happened? Well…that’s what FIX will hopefully show us.

For me, that period of time is a bit of a blur. In my early 20’s, I was co-fronting a band that owed more than a little of our own sound to Ministry (as well as bands like Nine Inch Nails, Pigface, Front 242 and Skinny Puppy). I was wallowing in sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, working a “straight” job to pay for recording equipment and my X-rated lifestyle, and publishing a music-and-art fanzine called Subzero to help promote a plethora of side projects. When Ministry came through Central Florida on their Psalm 69 and Lollapalooza tours, it was a big deal for us. My bands (Anti-Biotic and Wirehead) put on x-rated stage shows alongside the hard-edged cacophany of our sound. Our 1993 single “Prostitution” (use your imagination) featured an–ahem–“adult oriented” performance by some of the members of the stage crew performing with the S&M metal band, the Genitorturers. From that memorable show we made it over to the Central Florida Fairgrounds in time to watch Gen (the beautiful head genital torturer) pull her svelte self onto the Lollapalooza stage to sing a couple songs with Al and the Ministry boys. We were, as you might imagine, some rather spent misspent youths.

I’m looking forward to reliving my own rock n’ roll fantasy vicariously through FIX. Now, is that so wrong? Probably so, but I can’t wait, anyway.


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