Real Doll Sex Machine by khemistry

So, I’m wondering: is a ‘Real Doll’ just another masturbatory fantasy device? Or is it the next big thing in corporate one-upmanship? They’ve been around for a decade (give or take), so chances are you’ve seen one in a documentary, online, or maybe in your ex-boyfriend’s bathroom. For a while there, no self-respecting sex documentarian worth a squirt of jizz would make a movie without one somewhere in the cast. These things were everywhere. Porn stars rushed to license their own models–much as they had with other sex toys. After all, the Real Doll was the cutting-edge in sex toys. They probably still are, for that matter. Dildos and vibrators have been around for a long while (in the case of dildos, for thousands of years), but there is a limit to how high-tech low tech can get. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken, right? Real Dolls, however, are a different beast. Though blow-up sex dolls have been around, mostly they are bought to give grins, not find g-spots. And none of them are particularly reminiscent of the porn stars whose pictures appear on the boxes the old-school love doll comes in. You flip them over, blow them up (using the sad, desperate air of sexual failure you are constantly breathing) and you’ve got a vaguely human-shaped flesh balloon sporting rigor mortis-like arms, an open (and presumably willing) mouth-like mouth, and an equally-open plastic vagina-like vagina. All of which smells like polyvinyl chloride. And nothing smells like sex quite as much as polyvinyl chloride, am I right? Let me get an “Amen”. Riiigghht.

Now that I’ve thought about it, “traditional” love dolls are kinda creepy. It’s a bit like training for a gold medal in necrophilia, though perhaps not as smelly.

But the Real Doll is something a little more human than a blow-up PVC corpse. Made of high-quality silicone with an attention to detail, these things cost as much as a small car. But your car can’t love you long time, now can it? No. No it can’t.

The Real Doll feels real, according to those in the know. As real as a pair of top-quality breast implants, at least. The mouth and tongue are as poseable as the limbs, and “owners” (creepy) have been known to spend hours lovingly combing and setting their “wife’s” (see ‘creepy’ above) hair and buying sexy clothes to dress (and undress) them in.

So…do these people want (to quote Leonard Lake, a serial killer who used to keep his own stable of kidnapped women) an “off-the-shelf sex partner”…or are their motivations much darker? An even more disturbing question: if the average Real Doll owner/master/husband DOES have darker sexual motivations…is that necessarily all bad? Because, after all, a Real Doll is a real DOLL…not a real PERSON. Wouldn’t it be better for such a deviant to take out their sexual frustrations–however deviant and potentially violent–on an inanimate object? Of course, there are no guarantees that doll-violence would not (sooner or later) become something much worse. But if you look at sex toys as harmless (or even therapeutic), buying a Real Doll might be a way to work out your kinks without winding up on a John Stossell Dateline documentary. More than scary, some online stories concerning the Real Doll are just sad. With hundreds of faces, hairstyles and skin color to choose from, there are those who shell out a lot of extra money to have their doll made to resemble ex-grlfriends and dead wives. This might sound even more ominous, except that it occurs in many cases simply because the customer misses his lost mate. But not every story is sad, as you might imagine.

So, is beating up and raping a silicone sex object just psychological practice for the real thing? CAN a doll even BE raped? Not legally…but virtual abuse isn’t the same as hosting a tea party for your teddy bears-and-plastic sex-nymph. There’s just no real data on how–or if–such a thing occurs. But if it does…what does that mean?

The early designs and models of the Real Doll had much in common with the cheaper and possibly necrophilia-inducing blow-up dolls. Internet websites and plastic pornography can look eerily similar to crime scene photos.  But there have been rumors of planned technical innovations that could make Real Dolls more “real”. Online gossip has spread talk of some strange concepts. Like giving the dolls a type of circulatory system to “warm up” their room temperature silicone skin and delivering lubrication to their naughty girl-parts. At the present, the Real Doll website mentions covering your doll with an electric blanket to provide “life-like” warmth. Another “innovation” could provide recordings of heavy breathing (and dirty words) to make Real Doll sex sexier. Who knows? Computer-based artificial intelligence could help facilitate a “conversation” between real and ersatz lovers. Do these technical developments make a sex surrogate more–or less–human? Does it matter? The truth is, the Real Doll is pretty amazing is a lot of ways. Sure, it raises some disturbing questions. But it also raises some interesting truths–like the human need for companionship and sexual expression that could make spending thousands of dollars to buy a friend (and fuckbuddy) pretty normal. The issues a Real Doll brings up deserve to be considered, for better or worse. But…well, if the Terminator taught us anything, it’s to fear losing our humanity to the machines we make (and fuck) in our own image.


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