BLOOD LUST by khemistry

By GP & 3J

PART 1: The Challenge: “It’s ON, bitch!”

LUST. Say it. Go on…nobody will hear you. La-La-L-U-S-T…lluuusssst…Even the name sounds naughty. (And nice.) It makes your mouth water, makes you drool. Makes you hard (or wet or both). And you can apply it to so MANY wonderful lusty things: a gram of really good, flaky coke (the kind that’s real yellow)…a set of golf clubs…a beautiful tall blonde…a pair of Bruno Magli shoes…so what happened to lust? It used to be about something sexy.  But–more and more often–it’s about something sick. A flood of “alternative sexuality” threatens to drown the sexy in sewage–literally, in some cases. Take the popularity of “Two Girls, One Cup”. (Don’t pretend you’ve never heard of it). Youtube may eschew your standard, garden-variety porn, but if you don’t need to see skin you can find examples of almost any kind of weirdness imaginable. Scrape a little deeper below the surface of the Web and the porn begins to change from skin and sin to something darker. Youtube’s rather mild (though completely disgusting) pus videos give way to castration, videotaped suicides…and worse. And the comments are sometimes more disturbing than the main event. They reveal–with all the anonymity of email servers–a fascination with blood, bodily fluids and brutality that is as old as sin itself.

It’s a sick, sad world we live in. As a couple ‘liberal’ Gen-X’ers, we’re SUPPOSED to feel all warm and fuzzy inside about our fellow human beings, no matter how sick and sad our fellow humans are in the privacy of their bedrooms. This was pretty easy to do for a long time. After all, 3Jane is (she claims) a bisexual [NOTE/G.P.: Which to me is pretty much the same as saying you are the Easter Bunny; my personal belief is that you are either straight or gay. Or greedy.] [NOTE/3Jane: Fuck you.], and though I myself am straight, I’ve many close friends and relatives who pitch for the other team, and this has never bothered me or made me feel in any way threatened. Both of us share the opinion that being gay shouldn’t preclude you from being a fully-functional member of society, or sharing in the rights and responsibilities of said society. Basically, we don’t CARE who you love. From this point, Jane and I begin to differ somewhat in our beliefs. I still believe in monogamy, despite my own failures to maintain it from time-to-time. Jane believes that you can have a functional, healthy relationship with two or more different partners at the same time. Personally, I have seen this type of thing kill more than one otherwise strong relationship, and I tend to believe that “open marriages” become closed chapters rather quickly. Be that as it may (or may not), both Jane and I are fairly liberal about sex in general. So long as you and your significant other (or plaything) are both over 18 and there is no violence involved (unless of course it’s of a mutually-desireable nature), have at it. There has rarely been a more unexciting subject for me than what someone else does in the privacy of his or her boudoir. Unless I have an invitation. 

Of course–as we’ve previously noted–this is a sick, sad world we live in, ladies and gentlemen.  There is no limit to the perversity of the human mind. Just meander through the Internet for an hour, and you can find some very dark and disturbing perversity. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to find this stuff, either. For the lazy, there are webstes like Craigslist, Youtube, Ebaum’s World, That’s Phucked, and Portal of Evil.

So what happened to eating pussy? Sucking dick? Big tits and cocks and juicy, hot love? Have we traded in “sexy” lust for “sick lust”? Does being all-inclusive mean including those who get off watching videos of some guy getting the pus drained from an abcess on his ass? COME ON! “Sexy” is increasingly being hidden underneath a nasty layer of mung and foulness. Do we have to be THIS accepting of what turns each other on, that somehow it’s “okay” if you get your rocks off watching some fat guy sit on an empty mayonnaise jar and then stick a screwdriver up his pee-hole?

Jane and I have spent the last two hours trying to “out-gross” each other, like a couple of giggling 10-year old boys reading Garbage Pail Kids cards to each other…or filling out Mad Libs with words like “ass maggot”, “douche”, and “titty eater”. We’re texting each other: “OMG!! Go to Youtube and type in ‘ass pus suck’ “. We’ve watched two Asian women drink from a large cup they’ve defecated and vomited into; an off-duty Australian RN remove bot fly larvae from the back of her boyfriend; a naked woman fart and queef [NOTE: for the uninformed, a ‘queef’ is basically a pussy fart] into a large chocolate cake, blowing frosting into the air and coating her naughty girl parts in Duncan Hines Double Fudge Deluxe; a ‘Doctors Without Borders’ doctor in rural India drain two liters of yellow-green pus from a young man’s back; and–finally–a woman dressed as a nun, jabbering in German, chases a man dressed as a priest (but inexplicably naked below the waist) down, sticks a couple fingers up his ass, pulls out a turd, then smears the “dookie” (as she calls it)across her face and eats what’s left. Jane and I are laughing so hard we’re crying [NOTE/3J: I was mostly trying not to throw up by this point], and this was the EASY stuff to find.

So we decide to go on a treasure hunt, of sorts: what is the grossest, most perverse stuff on the Internet?


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To Greg: so should I put Lee to work on this for you? You KNOW what he can find!

Comment by lcaneer

tell him to find as much weirdness as possible, just a short desc ription of what it is and the website.


Comment by Gregory Purvis

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