Hot 4 Teacher: The Delicious Debra LaFave by khemistry
January 29, 2011, 12:51 pm
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What better way to welcome myself back to XSEX than a hate-and-lust filled rant starring everyone’s favorite middle school teacher, Debra LaFave?

Like most red-blooded American males, I followed the original story of Debra LeFave with a certain amount of fascination. And lust. Act self-righteous and indignant all you want. At least I’m honest. According to the media, many people apparently didn’t see her actions as criminal in the slightest. We’re talking about a 23-year old English teacher  at a Florida Middle School who was arrested for having sex (oral and missionary) with a 14-year old male student. But because LaFave was–to be ubercrass–a redd hott high-slung yung thang, and her ‘victim’ was a male…well, you get the idea, here. There was a lot of high five-ing in a lot of locker rooms.

And as you may have guessed from my referring to the kid as a ‘victim’ (as opposed to a [72-point Bold font]  V  I  C  T  I  M !  [insert sobbing here]), I find it a little hard to see a kid who is bragging to his friends about banging the hot young teacher as a victim. So is there some sort of double standard? As much as it pains me to admit it, I guess in some ways a double standard does and will continue to exist. A teacher (male or female) that spends a lot of time building up a young person’s trust, only to seduce them with wine and Tylenol PM…that’s a little different. Isn’t it?

Even so, as I listen to Debra LaFave’s interview on Dateline on ID (Investigative Discovery), I can’t help but think about how incredibly hot she is. She’s not a goddess. Thee’s nothing unearthly or supernatural about her beauty. But she IS a sultry sex kitten just begging for some after school attention from my throbbing…errr…uhm…sorry.

My point is: come on! I don’t know what YOU were like when YOU were 14. But I would have gladly fucked a particularly sultry-looking watermelon. LaFave would be a fantasy come-to-life. Her sticky red lips and beautiful blue eyes are making me itchy. I can only imagine what they would have done to my 14-year old self.  But what is really getting me even more than wondering if she’s wearing panties is how she’s telling the Dateline interviewer about how her father didn’t give her enough attention as a child. Sniff. I’m about to start crying. Or masturbating. Or both.

Just shut up and suck.


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